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12V 60A lifepo4 charger 36A power lithium battery charger 110V-240V 12.6V14.6V quick fast adapter

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Voltage: 3.7 В

Type: Electric

Quick charge: Yes

Package: Yes

Origin: CN(Origin)

Model Number: C60A

Intelligent Charge: Yes

Display screen: Yes

Certification: CE

Brand Name: capacity.Li

12V 60A lifepo4 charger 36A power lithium battery charger 110V-240V 12.6V14.6V quick fast adapter(NO BATTERY)

Please read the package name and price when purchasing. Same appearance, different product.

Special instructions for 60A /85Achargers: The 36A450W charger needs to be connected to the battery first, and then connected to the power outlet. And remember

Step1: Do not connect the battery to the charger, turn on the power, adjust the voltage knob to adjust the voltage, refer to the voltage display at the top of the display, (4S lifepo4 battery 3.65 v*4=14.6V, 3S Lithium battery 4.2v *3=12.6V), adjust to the voltage you need.

Step2: Adjust the current to the minimum. After connecting the battery, adjust the current from small to large to the current you need. (It is not allowed to adjust the voltage knob again during the charging process, otherwise there will be overcharge or undercharge, which may burn the host) If the voltage is displayed and the current becomes zero, it means that it is fully charged.

How to use the charger: first connect the charger's power cord to the specified interface of the charger. After the display shows 14.6V or 12.6V, connect to the battery through an alligator clip or Anderson cable. The red clip is connected to the red terminal of the battery. The black clip is connected to the black terminal of the battery. Red is positive. Black is negative.

The following chargers are 500W/40A lithium iron phosphate battery chargers, with adjustable voltage and current (please use a screwdriver to adjust the voltage for the first time, no need to adjust later), voltage 0-15V, current 0-40A, this charger is Modified product. high quality. Cheap and cost-effective.