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50x65CM Mini 3000MW Blue CNC Laser Engraving Machine 2 Axis DC 12V DIY Desktop Engraver Wood Router / Cutter / Printer + Laser


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This 3000 mw diy blue desktop laser engraving machine is ideal for amateursUse of laser engraving with grayscale printing, low light and freedom positioningPositioning functions. it just needs you to connect it to the computer, so you canPrint any image like yourself with your own creativity.Specifications:Material: stainless steel and acrylicOperating voltage: DC 12VLaser power: 3000 mwDrive system: stepper motor (step precision: 0.1mm)Recording speed: 200-2000 m / minCutting speed: 1-100 ms / pixelsOperating temperature: -10 - 45 degreesRecording area: 65x50cm (maximum)Size: 72x63cmCooling mode: air coolingWhole machine weight: 5kg or soNet machine weight: about 4kgControl software: benbox power support software can be adjusted, dim light positioningAccessories: aluminum shaft 4, 5mm, import acrylic accessories 1 sets, control panel kits, stepper motors, screws, accessories, tools, 1 boxes, power supply, usb wire, anti laser glasses, laser module ,Engraving Material Note:1. Can engraving on materials : Wood, bamboo, plastic, paper, leather, bank card, rubber2. Can not Engraving Material: metal, stone, ceramic, shield, clear reflection material,Transparent materialThe product has life span of 8,000 hours, can last for 1 hour, and then takes 10 minutes to rest.Can cut the maximum product thickness is about 1mm cutting board, 2mm plywood, 1mm mdf, 2mm pvc board, 4mm foam, 3mm paper.Cutting material:You can only cut foam, paper, thin leather material.note:1. in the process of use, wear professional goggles2. prohibit children to play3. suggested that the laser light in the case of focus, the power is very strong, do not use strongLight to illuminate the skin4. the use of flammable objects or gases to cause a fire / explosion5. do not update the firmware. It is not possible to change the original firmware.This link is about how to set up the engraving machine .