top quality 006 mens Sunglasses for women men sun glasses fashion style protects eyes UV400 lens with case


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Coating:UV Protection, Frame Material:Acetate, Department Name:Adult, Function:UV Protection, Lenses Optical ,UV:UV400, Glasses Box:Yes Glasses Bag:No,Essential for fashion men and women, welcome to consult and buy,Our factory is located in Shenzhen, China, producing the world's high quality sunglasses, matching the perfect packaging, if you are a short-sighted, you can contact us to make prescription sunglasses, make summer life more perfect, choose us will not let you disappointed, let us work together for a better life
Function:protect eyes
Frame Type:Full Frame
Glasses Bag:No
Glasses Box:Yes
Lenses Color:Multicolor
Glasses Cloth:Yes
Frame Material:Alloy
Frame Material:Plank
Optic Material:CR-39
Lens Height:mm
Lenses Optical Attribute:Gradient
Lens Width:mm
Department Name :Adult

Sunglasses, also called sun-shading mirrors, are used for sun-shading. People usually adjust the luminous flux by adjusting the size of their pupils in the sun. When the intensity of light exceeds the adjustment ability of the human eyes, it will cause damage to the human eyes. Therefore, in outdoor activities, especially in summer, it is necessary to use sunshade mirrors to block the sun, so as to reduce the fatigue caused by eye adjustment or the damage caused by strong light stimulation. It is essential for the summer

Fashionable and beautiful, look down upon the sun and flash your brilliance.The mirror has no end, the light will follow.Lead the fashion of glasses, go on the cutting-edge glasses.Fashion, I have my fan!The beautiful mirror speaks for itself.In the hot summer, without losing the grade.Make the horizon different!Shine your eyes, cool your brilliance.The glare is not annoying, and the horizon is better.Borrow you a pair of insightful eyes to see her sunshine!

The dark world under the sunglasses, like a black and white movie with snowflakes, is reappearing today; the fashionable reincarnation spins vinyl discs, playing noisy colors and car lines; the avant-garde is changing with each passing day, but the scenery in the eyes has never faded.

Smooth brain door, sexy nasolabial pattern, a pair of black sunglasses perfectly cover your crow's feet, full of fashion sense, come on.

How can summer wear the collocation that the sheet tastes little? The sunglasses of recreational vacationing wind, want to become fashionable male girl, buy quickly rise.